Shaun Byrne


Vermouth producer, amaro enthusiast, manager of Melbourne institution Gin Palace for many years and founder of Good Measure. 

Over a decade entrenched within the Melbourne hospitality scene along with extensive product and cocktail knowledge from around the world has given Shaun the expertise to provide a broad range of services. His experience and connections to the Australian hospitality industry has be integral to the success of Maidenii Australian vermouth. Working Australia wide he more recently assisted with the launch of the Halford Bar in Perth and the Propaganda Club in Adelaide. Shaun's focuses include cocktail history and development, gin, vermouth and all things botanical, that said he is not prejudiced or precious re: anything alcohol related.

+61 424 471 311

Nick Tesar


Head bartender of Lûmé, one of Melbourne's best new restaurants, cocktail expert and lover of all things interesting and delicious.

With a depth of bar experience in Brisbane and Melbourne, including Gin Palace and his current position as head bartender at Lûmé, Nick brings a wealth of cocktail experience and creativity to the table, with a unique touch for the creative and original when it comes to cocktail development and technique. Having had success with cocktail competitions and brand development, he has previously worked with brands in developing signature serves. Nick's interests include cocktail development, history, and the exploration of all things that are good and delicious.








Hugh Leech


Gin Palace bartender and amateur brewer with a keen interest in distillation, history and gin research.

A strong interest in gin and beer have lead Hugh to develop his knowledge in aspects of gin production and distillation, as well has brand history and development, along with fermentation though hands on experience and  research. His previous work through Gin palace includes assisting in cocktail list development and brand development, as well as recipe and cocktail technique master classes. Hugh's focuses include cocktails, distillation and alcohol production and history.